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This is jQuery 1.9.0. I use qTip 1.0.0-rc3, which I have stripped out of all $.browser code (since it has disappeared since 1.9.0). I attach a simple, bare bones (not even restyled for now) tip. The full function is below:

// Function to report a parse error
function reportParseError(parseError, msgHandle, textArea)
    // Find the inner link element -- there is only one, so this is "safe".
    var link = msgHandle.find("a");

    link.text("line " + parseError["line"]);

    // Add an onclick hook to the link. When clicking on the link, the caret
    // in the text area will move to the position of the error.
    link.on("click", function(e)

        content: parseError["message"],
        show: "mouseover",
        hide: "mouseout",
        position: {
            corner: {
                target: "topMiddle",
                tooltip: "bottomMiddle"

    // Show the message

This function does what I want (the tip appears above the link).

The problem is when a previous content for the tip (parse messages can be quite big) was larger than the newer content: I am then seeing the old contents below the new ones on a mouseover (both contents disappear on mouseout).

How do you solve that?

Edit: after some more thinking about it, it appears that the observed behavior is expected: each time this function is triggered, a new tooltip is created. It means the tip would need to be attached at "init time" (ie, when document.ready()) and filled with an appropriate content when needed. Do I get this right?

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You're seeing two qtips when hovering over the same element? –  matthewpavkov Jan 22 '13 at 6:29
Yes, exactly. I suspect there are actually more than two and all old qtips still lie below, but I may be wrong. –  fge Jan 22 '13 at 6:31
What is link in your code? Where is that coming from? –  matthewpavkov Jan 22 '13 at 6:32
It is a DOM elment of type a. I will paste more code. –  fge Jan 22 '13 at 6:33
Why not use qtip 2? –  Juhana Jan 22 '13 at 6:52

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OK, answer to self.

I could not get qTip2 to work at all, so qTip 1 it is.

The problem was as I discovered, tooltips (divs, in fact) were created but never destroyed.

The solution was to create two dummy tooltips on document.ready(), an destroy them right before recreating them, since I was unable to grab a handle on the tooltips in order to update their contents.

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