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I am using jOOQ with slf4j, and set log level to DEBUG. In my class when i check the log level
its in debug mood

System.out.println(LoggerFactory.getLogger(PersonsReport.class).isDebugEnabled()); => true

But same class i am running some select queries using JOOQ ,but JOOQ debug log is not printing in my log, What can be the reason ?


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I fixed the issue , but i was surprised by the solution, I put 'getResult()' at the end of the JOOQ query the result set is null and JOOQ debug log also not printing, but when i change it to 'fetch()' then result set is not null and JOOQ log also printed

I don't know what is the behind thing for this, but issue was fixed


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This is explained in the fetch() Javadoc. getResult() returns "the result generated by a previous call to execute();" – Lukas Eder Jan 30 '13 at 12:05

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