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I have below content in Java where I want to strip only html tags but not new line characters

<p>test1 <b>test2</b> test 3 </p> //line 1
<p>test4 </p> //line 2

If I open above content in text rich editor, line 1 and line 2 are displayed in different lines(without showing </p> tag).But in notepad content is shown along with </p> tags. To remove all html tags I used


It removes all html characters. But it shows all line 1 and line 2 in same line in notepad. Somehow Jsoup also removes newline character.

What I tried:-

I also tried replacing </p> with \r\n and then do to remove html tags

 Jsoup.parse(contentWith\r\n-Insteadof-</p>Tag ).text()

but still Jsoup removes end of line character(as in the debugger I can see both line1 and line2) in same line.

How I can make Jsoup to strip only html character but not new line character?

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You get a single line because text() remove all whitepace characters. But you can use a StringBuilder and insert each line there:

final String html = "<p>test1 <b>test2</b> test 3 </p>"
                    + "<p>test4 </p>";

Document doc = Jsoup.parse(html);        
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

for( Element element : doc.select("p") )
     * element.text() returns the text of this element (= without tags).



test1 test2 test 3
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You can also do this:

public static String cleanNoMarkup(String input) {
    final Document.OutputSettings outputSettings = new Document.OutputSettings().prettyPrint(false);
    String output = Jsoup.clean(input, "", Whitelist.none(), outputSettings);
    return output;


The important things here are: 1. Whitelist.none() - so no markup is allowed 2..prettyPrint(false) - so linebreaks are not removed

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