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I have a Java EE application running and on one of its webpage, I want to add a functionality that whenever the user presses a certain button, I get an image of ONLY the webpage which is currently displayed on the user end.

I have tried using a library for the purpose

My code using the above library is:

HtmlImageGenerator imageGenerator = new HtmlImageGenerator();

It does generate an image but my page contains a lot of css and colors but the image which is generated does not seem to add that color and infact produces a blue screen with almost no css applied.

Can someone help in the code or suggest any alternative libraries for the same?

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How about using jQuery or java script, on googling a bit I found the following two existing posts in stackoverflow

generating a screenshot of a website using jquery

Take a screenshot of a webpage with javascript?

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I googled quiet a bit but the above solutions take the screenshot of the entire webpage which is not my requirement. – Nikhil Sharma Jan 22 '13 at 7:33

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