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i am struck with the following error in the laravel: there are 2 tables users and tracks with many to many relationship and the intermediate table name is track_user i am trying to delete the record but unable to do it

Unhandled Exception


Call to a member function track() on a non-object

C:\wamp\www\integron\application\controllers\track.php on line 50

Mysql Error:

SQL query:
DELETE FROM  `integron`.`tracks` WHERE  `tracks`.`id` =2

MySQL said: 

#1451 - Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (`integron`.`track_user`, CONSTRAINT `track_user_project_id_foreign` FOREIGN KEY (`track_id`) REFERENCES `tracks` (`id`)) 

User Model :

class User extends Eloquent{
public static $table = 'users';
public function tracks()
        return $this->has_many_and_belongs_to('Track');

Track Model :

class Track extends Eloquent{
public static $table = 'tracks';
public function users()
        return $this->has_many_and_belongs_to('User');


//this funciton is working properly

public function post_trackUpdate($id){
    $track = Track::find($id);
    $track->name = Input::get('name');
    $track->description = Input::get('desc');
//this funciton is not working properly
public function get_trackDelete($id){
    $track = Track::find($id);


//an alternate which i tried but didnt work either
public function get_trackDelete($id){
    Session::flash('result','track Details deleted');
    return Redirect::to('track');
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From the laravel docs "the opposite of attach is detach:"

Look for it in the http://four.laravel.com/docs/eloquent

Example to leave:

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You have to first delete the record from the composite user_track table. Only then can you delete the parent record in the track table.

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how can i delete record in composite table ? –  Daniel Euchar Jan 22 '13 at 11:31

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