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I'm new to leaflet, looking for some advice.

I'd like to create an animation of a marker of some sort (for example, an html5 filled arc or shape) to replay GPS tracks on a map. I may want several animated markers and I want to stay flexible with the behavior and performance. Can anyone recommend a good way to go about creating this type of animation?

It looks like I could create a canvas layer (L.TileLayer.Canvas) and draw on it using a technique for linear animation (e.g. http://www.html5canvastutorials.com/advanced/html5-canvas-linear-motion-animation/), but I'm not yet sure if this works, or if I need to call redraw() and how the performance would be. Or I could try and make customer markers and move them by setting the lat/lon on them at some interval.

Has anyone come across this and can recommend a solution (above ideas or other)? Ideally as I change zoom levels, the animation will "scale" and have good performance. Thanks!

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I'm trying to do something similar. Did you find something that worked? –  monkut Apr 24 '13 at 6:15

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The RaphaelLayer plugin lets you create some pretty fancy animations:


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