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I want to find out if the mouse is hovering over a taskbar button, and the caption / hwnd of the window that belongs to the button. E.g. if you move the mouse over a taskbar button, you get the tooltip with the name - so this should be possible fairly easily?

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To solve that task you should monitor explorer.exe incoming messages using Win32 API hooks. If you don't know about Win32 API then I suggest you to read a book about it and spent some time practicing, because Win32 API and its hooks can not be explained in short words of that answer.

C# is not a right tool to do sush sort of things, at least hooking must be done in C(++), so you need to learn it. Realistically speaking, that learning of Win32 API together with C(++) may took a year or two before the task become solvable.

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thanks Actual, I am reading about Win32 API now –  pinku Sep 20 '09 at 11:11

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