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i am using CI Merchant and have copied all the files needed into the correct folders and added the code to do a test purchase. When i load the controller i get this message:

Unable to load the requested file: helpers/langauge_helper.php

How can i get codeigniter to give me more information to why its giving this message? what would cause this?


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Loading helper file in constructor works too like this

$this->load->helper('custom'); //custom_helper.php


You might be loading helper in a wrong way

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It works as below mentioned in CodeIgniter 2.X:-

If helper file inside helpers folder named as language_helper.php Then you can load it in controller anywhere (not only in constructor) by using


Make sure your helper class naming convention is correct it must end with _helper.php

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i was loading the helper in the construct of the controller and moved it into autoload and that fixed it. No idea why it didnt work in the construct.

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You probably needed to load the language helper before you loaded CI-Merchant, which would explain why it was throwing an error. –  Adrian Macneil Jan 22 '13 at 13:16

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