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I want to apply diff from SVN revision to some directory. But that diff contains changes to binary files (.png images). I'm trying to use git-apply, like this:

svn diff --force --git -r 1:2 <remote url> | git apply --binary -p4 -

But I get error about expected /dev/null on line 5.

What is a correct way to achieve my goal?

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Why do you want to apply the patch via git? Just run

svn diff --force -r 1:2 <remote url> | patch -p4 -i ~/patch.diff

And then commit the changes that command caused.

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The real problem is about svn diff, since it doesn't generate diff very well. The solution is as follows:

svn diff --no-diff-deleted --show-copies-as-adds --force --diff-cmd /usr/bin/diff -x -au -r 1:2 <remote url> | patch -Np4
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