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It might sound simple, but am kind of struglling with the logic of how to print all but ignor the last element in the list. Any suggestion would be helpful.


    def list = [
    def counter = 1
    list.each { element ->
        if (element == list.last()){
            println "Item $counter -" + element 

Expected output

Item 1 - homePage
Item 2 - productPage
Item 3 - basketPage

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possible duplicate of How to get all elements from a list without the last element? – epidemian Jan 22 '13 at 18:28
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Groovy supports range operations on collections:

print list[0..list.size-2]

This will print:

[homePage, productPage, basketPage]
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list.take(list.size() - 1)

​ With println:

list.take(list.size() - 1).eachWithIndex { element, i ->
    println "Item " + i + " - " + element

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It can be shorter than @SteveD answer:

println list[0..-2]
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