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Looks like setting timeout for Lua socket only works after connect, and I can't use assert (socket.connect (..)), because I have multiple servers to try out.

My scenario is that when one server is down (can't connect rather than unstable network), I will resort to a different one, so I must have a timeout on connect.

Any suggestions?


I found Lua TCP socket, but with that, I was unable to detect connection failure,

local tcp = socket.tcp()
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If it does not work it is probably because your luasocket is too old, update to version 2:

Starting with LuaSocket 2.0, the settimeout method affects the behavior of connect, causing it to return with an error in case of a timeout.

(source: http://w3.impa.br/~diego/software/luasocket/tcp.html#connect)

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But prior to socket.connect, the object is nil, no way to call the settimeout(), am I wrong? –  warl0ck Jan 23 '13 at 3:28
No, you need to use the two step method from your edit (create the TCP socket, then set the timeout, then connect). –  catwell Jan 23 '13 at 13:50

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