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Does Grails somehow support Hibernates @Any annotation? I would like to know if and how.

I can achieve @Any by doing something like:

class A {
  String entityClass
  Long entityId // yes, only support type Long id's

  // dynamically load class (e.g. B), then call B.get(entityId)

But I'd like to do it more elegantly.

Eyal Lupu's blog about Hibernate @Any

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Since GORM is build on top of Hibernate, you can create a java class with the Hibernate annotations that will be mapped as a domain class.

There's a section in the docs that cover this integration. Basically you need the configuration xml for hibernate (hibernate.cfg.xml) and create your class under ./src/java.

Also, the dynamic GORM methods like findAll(), get(), list() and so on, will be available to your classes.

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Would've like to keep it "all groovy", but apparently there's no such option. – heikkim Jan 24 '13 at 5:30

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