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I have a simple web app that I want to use locally (i.e. I don't want it to ever access the network). All the code is packaged according to the Safari Web Content Guide. I was successful in downloading my web app to my iPhone. I noticed, though, that even though my web app doesn't connect to anything remotely, there will be a network access (the network access indicator fires).

I suspect that iOS is checking to see if the web app is fresh (i.e. checking the cache manifest to see if it needs to update any files). Is there a way to prevent this? It really screws up the user experience.

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The never-ending network spinner is a bug in iOS; you won't be able to get around it with a web app:


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It's not a never-ending network spinner. It just spins for about half a second and then an alert comes up saying that I should 'Turn Off Airplane Mode or Use Wi-Fi to Access Data'. – Avery Jan 24 '13 at 2:19

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