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I am trying to understand a DirectShow library implementation.

What is a IEEE1394-id in DirectShow terminology?

IEEE1394 is firewire.

Does it usually also describe ids for USB devices?

it gets retrieved by IAMExtDevice::get_ExternalDeviceID()

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Short answer, no. IEEE1394 is the standard for highspeed communications with peripheral devices defined as a replacement for SCSI, among other things. It's techincally called IEEE1394, whereas Firewire is merely a brand (Apple) and is also called i.LINK (Sony).

USB is a separate standard defined about a year later, although it's gone through a couple of revisions - USB 2.0 and USB3.0, but was defined by an industry group (USB-IF - USB Implementors Forum), members of which included Intel, IBM and Microsoft.

Some handy links for more information:

USB on Wikipedia

IEEE1394 on Wikipedia

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I know that. I want to know, If in the DirectShow world, it means the same for all capture devices, USB as well as FireWire/I.Link – AndreasT Sep 18 '09 at 16:09

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