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In my rails app I have the follow URL path 'http://localhost/Teamleader/1', this gives me the first team leader and renders the view.

I'm trying to add a next link in my show.html.erb, so far I have the follow code:

<div id="home_link"> <%= link_to "Home" %> </div>

For testing sake, here is my jquery code:

$('#next_link').bind('click', function () {

      var url = "/teamleader/" + SOME_COUNTER_HERE
      if (url) { 
      return false;

After the user clicks, I want the page to go to 'Teamleader/2', and from 'Teamleader/2' to '/3' and so forth. Am I approaching this problem the right way? Or should this be done through the rails helper, path_to?

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You are definitely should use path helper

<%= link_to "next_link", teamleader_path(Teamleader.where("id > ?","id ASC").first) %>
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in controller:

@next_link_counter = LeaderBoard.where("id > ?", params[:id]).first

In view:

<div id="next_link">
  <%= link_to "next_link", "/leaderboard/#{@next_link_counter}" %> 
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Evgeniy beat you to it, but your answer is very much appreciated. Helpful for a beginner like me! –  bigthyme Jan 22 '13 at 9:01
thanks @bigthyme –  shweta Jan 22 '13 at 9:03

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