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I have the following query which load a list a Products with their related substances (a product can have several substances) in a SQL LEFT JOIN style. In instance, if a production has 4 substances it will return me 4 objects, and if the product doesn't have any substance it will return me 1 object. Here is the result.

var query = (from p in dataContext.Product.Include("Supplier")
  join ps in dataContext.Product_Substance.Include("Substance")
                                          .Include("Substance_Classification.Classification") ps.Product into lp
from subset in lp.DefaultIfEmpty()
select new { Prod = p, Sub = (subset == null ? null : subset.Substance) })

The problem is the Include statements don't work at all. I came accross few articles explaining why (e.g. this post on MSDN ) however I didn't find out how to fix my query. Anyone got an idea?

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Try look here:… – mipe34 Jan 22 '13 at 11:58

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