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I want to create a time series from a start date&time (t1) to a finish date&time (t2) by 10 minute intervals.

the code below works fine for all other t2 times bar 23:50:00

t1 <- chron("1/1/2006", "00:00:00")
t2 <- chron("1/3/2006", "23:50:00")
deltat <- times("00:10:00")
tt <- seq(t1, t2, by = times("00:10:00"))

I have tried this code in Rstudio on both linux and windows platforms, as well as from terminal on linux, to no avail.

any thoughts would be appreciated.

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You have a floating point issue. To get around it, you could add an additional second to t2

t2 = chron("1/3/2006", "23:50:01")
seq(t1, t2, by = times("00:10:00"))

Search for floating point on stack overflow. In R, the classic example is

R> sqrt(2)^2 ==2
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