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So say I had an array of $.post functions

var pa = [$.post(url0), $.post(url1),......];

$.when(pa[0],pa[1],...]) // works as expected


$.when.apply(pa) // does not work
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Function.prototype.apply requires the context as first argument (the object which serves as reference for this, in the called function)

So you can call it like

$.when.apply( null, pa );

I like to use a little "trickery" to avoid that every time. We can invoke Function.prototype.bind like

var when = Function.prototype.apply.bind( jQuery.when, null );

now, we indeed can call

when( pa ).done( /* ... */ ) { }
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You should use:

$.when.apply($, pa);

The first argument of apply is the context in which the function should be invoked (i.e. what this means in the context of the function). The second argument is an array with the arguments of the function.

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You forgot the first argument to .apply(), which is the thisArg of the function. Since $.when does not care about its value of this, you can pass anything:

$.when.apply(null, pa);
$.when.apply($, pa);
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