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I succeed to create gz archive with expected content, but how can I set the filename inside the archive?

I mean, if archive myfile.gz was created, the file inside it will be named "myfile", but I want to name it like source file, for example, "1.txt"

Current code:

public static void gz() throws FileNotFoundException, IOException {
    GZIPOutputStream out = null;
    String filePaths[] =  {"C:/Temp/1.txt","C:/Temp/2.txt"}; 
    try {
         out = new GZIPOutputStream(
              new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("C:/Temp/myfile.gz")));

            RandomAccessFile f = new RandomAccessFile(filePaths[0], "r");
            byte[] b = new byte[(int)f.length()];
            out.write(b, 0, b.length);

    } finally {
         if(out != null) out.close();
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GZip compresses a stream. Typically, when people use GZip with multiple files, they also use tar to munch them together. gzip archive with multiple files inside

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thanks for your reply, but I wanted to know not how to add multiple files in one gzip archive but is it possible to rename stream inside gz archive. Like archive name is: "myarch.gz" but stream inside the archive name like "iTextFile.txt". –  VextoR Jan 23 '13 at 7:11
Unfortunately you can't. It is a stream of bytes. There is no name inside. –  jdb Jan 23 '13 at 7:48

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