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When I open emacs from a terminal with the emacs& command, I get a lot of debug messages on that terminal. This obscures what I was doing before. Is there a way of suppressing debug message output to the terminal?


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It should work in linux emacs& &>/dev/null, see stackoverflow.com/questions/2292847/… –  artscan Jan 22 '13 at 9:55

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Redirect stderr to /dev/null.

emacs 2>/dev/null& command

This alias should to the trick, just put in in .bashrc or your shells rc file.

alias emacs="emacs 2>/dev/null"
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It depends on your OS, but you seem to be on Linux.
If it is the case, create a launcher icon, eg for Ubuntu.

This way the desktop environment, like Gnome or KDE, starts the process instead of the terminal, and messages do not appear.

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