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I am using mezzanine + cartridge for a shopping cart.I want to use the concept of reward points(like discount coupon) in it and users who have enough reward points so that they can pay through them and want to use them then at checkout time the payment details step must be disabled for these users and order is placed.

So I just want to know how I can disable this payment step in cartridge. Anybody who have used cartridge in their projects can tell me it is feasible or not. and if yes then HOW ?

There is one module of discount coupon in cartridge but it does not fulfil my requirements so I am not using this.


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This is completely feasible. Cartridge is just a Django application.

Is there a one-to-one ratio of reward points to your local currency?

I might start by extending the Account model with a called "reward_points". Next, add the necessary fields and logic to a customized version of

Your best option for getting timely and accurate answers to questions about Mezzanine and Cartridge are the #mezzanine channel on Freenode and the mezzanine-users Google Groups mailing list.

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