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I have used step even then function get called parallel, the execution should be in series please tell me where i am going wrong.

   //sample code
   var step=require('step')
   function first()
   process();//calling function here
   return this; returning this to next function
   function second()
   process2();//calling another fun here
   return this;
   function third()
   process3();//calling function here
   return this; returning this to next function
   );//step end here

please help me. Thanks

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2 Answers 2

var sync =require('async');
console.log("calling one");
callback(null, 'one');
callback(null, 'two');


You have to synchronize these functions. Here step will not work for recursive functions.

Try this, Hop you will get you answer.

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Please go through the link:

Video: http://nodetuts.com/02-callback-pattern.html

Text: http://nodetuts.com/02-callback-pattern.html#-1

This may help you..

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