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I have populated a combobox with an QSqlQueryModel. It's all working fine as it is, but I would like to add an extra item to the combobox that could say "ALL_RECORDS". This way I could use the combobox as a filtering device.

I obviously don't want to add this extra item in the database, how can I add it to the combobox after it's been populated by a model?

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You could use a proxy model that takes gets it's data from two models, one for your default values, the other for your database, and use it to populate your QComboBox.

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I had a very similar problem, wanting to add a 'None' option to a QComboBox, and did it this way. I'd recommend using a QAbstractListModel subclass, instantiated with a reference to the QSqlQueryModel so it can populate itself from the database and manage the 'special' entries. –  Simon Hibbs Jan 31 '13 at 12:20

You can try something like

select "ALL RECORDS" union (select 'field' from table)

as query for the model.

This way you get the "ALL RECORDS" as first item and then all the others values, but not in order (this is a mysql issue anyway)

If you want also the values in the table to be ordered, you should look at this message


which explain a possible solution, given that you use MySql

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Hi thanks for your reply. I thought I could solve it on the MySql query, was just trying to avoid it since I am using the model in several widgets. I guess I will have to make a model specially for this combobox. Thanks again! –  user1028826 Jan 22 '13 at 11:10

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