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Using Talend, I want to verify if there are a file which called ListePS.xls in my D:/ to do some treatment else nothing.

Any idea will be appreciate.

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In order to verify that a file exists, you can use the tFileExist component and connect to your conditional treatment with a Run If link.
For parameterization details and usage examples, you can consult the Talend documentation, available in your installation. In the Talend menubar, select Help > Help contents and then Talend User Documentation > Integration components > tFileExists.

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you must use the component tFileExist with two outputs IF:

 ((Boolean) globalMap.get ("tFileExist_1_EXISTS")) for the case 1(File existence)
 ! ((Boolean) globalMap.get ("tFileExist_1_EXISTS")) for case 2 (non-existence of file)
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Design job like below

tFileExist----If(Exist)-------Use other Components 
          If(Not Exist) add other flow

Add below code in first IF condition ((Boolean) globalMap.get ("tFileExist_1_EXISTS")) and in second IF condition will be !((Boolean) globalMap.get ("tFileExist_1_EXISTS")) .

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