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i'm new to the aop programming and i have a big issue with @Around advice. I've a maven project with - aspectjrt and aspectjweaver 1.7.1 - spring 3.2.0

According with official guide ( i've inserted to my applicationContext and an example aspect

If i try @AfterReturning @Before @After @AfterTrowing with a specified @Pointcut all go ok, but if i use @Around advice not working.

This is the pointcut and it's around advice

private void dbFindOperationNoArgs() {}

    public Object aroundAdv(ProceedingJoinPoint joinPoint) throws Throwable {
              // start stopwatch
          Object retVal = joinPoint.proceed();
          // stop stopwatch
          return retVal;

It's very strange for me because all other advice annotation work

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try "call" instead of "execution"

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