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Our Jenkins server has a job that has been running for three days, but is not doing anything. Clicking the little X in the corner does nothing, and the console output log doesn't show anything either. I've checked on our build servers and the job doesn't actually seem to be running at all.

Is there a way to tell jenkins that the job is "done", by editing some file or lock or something? Since we have a lot of jobs we don't really want to restart the server.

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Go to "Manage Jenkins" > "Script Console" to run a script on your server to interrupt the hanging thread.

You can get all the live threads with Thread.getAllStackTraces() and interrupt the one that's hanging.

Thread.getAllStackTraces().keySet().each() {
  t -> if (t.getName()=="YOUR THREAD NAME" ) {   t.interrupt();  }
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Worked great! For anyone reading, you can view the thread names by first running the above, with the method calling t -> println(t.getName()); –  Phil Apr 22 at 21:32
Still its not working with Above script too, Its getting the scripts but not killing the same. –  Raghav S Apr 29 at 13:45
are you able to print the name of the specific thread after matching the name in t.getName()=="SOME NAME" ? –  Greenish Apr 29 at 20:20

Build-timeout Plugin can come handy for such cases. It will kill the job automatically if it takes too long.

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Unfortunately that's not an option for us, because we have a couple of jobs that are supposed to run for days (don't ask) –  blokkie Jan 23 '13 at 14:59
You configure build timeouts on per job basis. –  Draco Ater Jan 23 '13 at 15:01
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I've looked at the Jenkins source and it appears that what I'm trying to do is impossible, because stopping a job appears to be done via a Thread interrupt. I have no idea why the job is hanging though..


Possible reasons for unstoppable jobs:

  • if Jenkins is stuck in an infinite loop, it can never be aborted.
  • if Jenkins is doing a network or file I/O within the Java VM (such as lengthy file copy or SVN update), it cannot be aborted.
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I use the Monitoring Plugin for this task. After the installation of the plugin

  1. Go to Manage Jenkins > Monitoring of Hudson/Jenkins master
  2. Expand the Details of Threads, the small blue link on the right side
  3. Search for the Job Name that is hung

    The Thread's name will start like this

    Executor #2 for master : executing <your-job-name> #<build-number>

  4. Click the red, round button on the very right in the table of the line your desired job has

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It says as killed, But again when we refresh the page the thread seems to be alive –  Raghav S Apr 29 at 13:46
Interesting. I will have a look at this. Probably it depends on the build. In case you have started external processes, probably by ANT or Maven extensions, this might fail. –  cheffe May 11 at 9:04

I guess it is too late to answer but my help some people.

  1. Install the monitoring plugin. (http://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Monitoring)
  2. Go to jenkinsUrl/monitoring/nodes
  3. Go to the Threads section at the bottom
  4. Click on the details button on the left of the master
  5. Sort by User time (ms)
  6. Then look at the name of the thread, you will have the name and number of the build
  7. Kill it

I don't have enough reputation to post images sorry.

Hope it can help

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Not helping, It says killed. but again when page reloads I am able to see that Thread –  Raghav S Apr 29 at 14:04
Are you kill the thread of the build or a subthread of the build ? What is the name of this thread ? I guess you don't kill the good one. If you kill the thread of the build, you will see the build finished successfully. –  John May 3 at 11:30
I tried killing the Thread which is associated with the executor number of slave which also had the job name. Also I found several other threads associated with Handling GET and the information contained was with respect to Subversion. Killing both also did not help. Finally restart helped me. One more observation was, Other threads without SVN association was killable. –  Raghav S May 3 at 12:39

If you are able to restart the server that will also kill the zombie job.

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Have had the same problem happen to me twice now, the only fix sofa has been to restart the tomcat server and restart the build.

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I usually use jenkins-cli in such cases. You can download the jar from a page http://your-jenkins-host:PORT/cli . Then run

java -jar jenkins-cli.jar delete-builds name_of_job_to_delete hanging_job_number

Auxiliary info:

You may also pass a range of builds like 350:400. General help available by running

java -jar jenkins-cli.jar help

Context command help by for delete-builds by

java -jar jenkins-cli.jar delete-builds
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you need to kill the process that the build is running, and then you can cancel the build

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