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I m having the login page, when click login button it opens the new tab.

i moved the control to new window using,


When I click one Button it will open the new popup (that popup is not a normal window it is a iframe).

I have selected a popup window using,


That popup has the list of records; each record has the separate "select" option (with the dynamically changing id's).


When selecting the record from list, the popup window will be closed and the page will get refreshed.

Now I want to return the control to my parent window for doing some other stuff.

The record got selected successfully. But i could not able to focus the parent window again.

I have tried:




Still I m getting the same problem.

I don't know whether I have to use any java script executor for handling the dynamically changing element id's.

Could u any one please help me on this....

Thanks in Advance.

By K.Ranjithkumar

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In the post after clicking the login button you used WindowName to switch over to the new window. But, in the tried solution, you used empty string to switch over to the new window.

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You should make first window as parent window

String parent=driver.getwindowhandle;
// then, set String popup to be equal to window handle of the 
// popup window
driver.switchTo().window( popup);
driver.findElement(By.id("okbutton")).click(); //assumes close of popup

Now after performing tasks on popup window, return control to parent window:

driver.switchTo().window( parent );// switch back to parent window
driver.switchTo().defaultcontent(); // reset iframe context
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