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where can I download Techtalk.specflow.dll version 1.9.0 from? As I am not able to install it using Install - package specflow. So, I think manually I need to install this. Can any one point me to right location?

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The Visual Studio integration of SpecFlow is installed through Visual Studio Gallery: http://go.specflow.org/vsgallery

The runtime libraries and tools of SpecFlow (such as TechTalk.SpecFlow.Dll) should be installed through NuGet. Read more about this here: http://go.specflow.org/getting-started

The latest version of the VS integration is 1.9.1 while the latest version of the runtime is 1.9.0. The VS integration works also with previous runtime versions (including 1.9.0).

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And if you have another version, make sure you uninstall it first. I had 1.7 before installing 1.9. I had to install Nuget, powershell 2.0 along with 1.9 to make it work. But works fine with all that.

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