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I am new to corona and want to add a functionality in my app that on pressing back button, all data stored by the user get deleted from the documents directory. In short I want to know is there a way to empty documents directory?

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Use this to delete all the files in /documents directory

 local lfs = require "lfs";

local doc_dir = system.DocumentsDirectory;
local doc_path = system.pathForFile("", doc_dir);
local resultOK, errorMsg;

for file in lfs.dir(doc_path) do
local theFile = system.pathForFile(file, doc_dir);

if (lfs.attributes(theFile, "mode") ~= "directory") then
  resultOK, errorMsg = os.remove(theFile);

  if (resultOK) then
     print(file.." removed");
     print("Error removing file: "..file..":"..errorMsg);
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Yes, you would use the LFS (Lua File System) module for that. See:

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