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I looked at some Views from Backbone.js, but i don't see at which point it is declared which model is binded to the view ?

For example here where does the view defines which model is this.model ?

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When you pass a model property in the options argument to the View's constructor, Backbone automatically sets it as view.model:

var someModel = new Model();
var view = new View({model:someModel});
console.log(view.model === someModel); // -> true

This feature is documented here.

When creating a new View, the options you pass — after being merged into any default options already present on the view — are attached to the view as this.options for future reference. There are several special options that, if passed, will be attached directly to the view: model, collection, el, id, className, tagName and attributes.

In the Todolist example the model is set in app.js, line 75.

addOne: function( todo ) {
  var view = new TodoView({ model: todo });
  $('#todo-list').append( view.render().el );
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