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I have a telerik date picker control in the razor view as below :

@Html.Telerik().DatePickerFor(m=>m.SalesOrganizationProfile.EffectiveDate) .HtmlAttributes(new { id = "profileEffectiveDateEditSection" })

How do I set the value of this using jquery. $('#profileEffectiveDateEditSection').val("1/1/2012") does not work.

Any help on this is appreciated. This razor view is in ASP.NET MVC 4 project.

Thanks, Sam

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Value should be set through the value method of the client object. Here is part of the documentation which covers it.

var datepicker = $('#profileEffectiveDateEditSection').data('tDatePicker');
datepicker.value(new Date('1/1/2012'));
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This helped + i had to change my initialization to have the "Name" property instead of id. I thought id was the way to access the control, however it is the name –  sam113 Jan 23 '13 at 7:09
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The correct way is :

@Html.Telerik().DatePickerFor(m => m.EffectiveDate).Name("profileEffectiveDate");

and then use code from Pechka".

var datepicker = $('#profileEffectiveDate').data('tDatePicker'); datepicker.value(new Date('1/1/2012'));

Note: I had to use Name property instead of ID(Even though I dont know why id does not work)

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