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I have table with created on her materialized view log:

create table T1(A number primary key);
create materialized view log on T1 with primary key;

Oracle created two tables for materialized view logs:


|T1       |
|MLOG$_T1 |
|RUPD$_T1 |

How to determine that RUPD$_T1 table is a table with the mview logs on T1?

I can determine this for MLOG$_T1:


|T1       |MLOG$_T1 |

But where to find a reference to the table RUPD$_T1?

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its in the SYS base table. i.e.

SQL> select  master, log, temp_log from sys.mlog$ where mowner = user and master = 'T1';

MASTER               LOG                  TEMP_LOG
-------------------- -------------------- --------------------
T1                   MLOG$_T1             RUPD$_T1
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impossible without the use of internal tables? –  turbanoff Jan 22 '13 at 16:03
@turbanoff its not exposed in the DBA/ALL/USER views. its in a few views like sys.EXU10SNAPL sys.EXU9SNAPL sys.KU$_M_VIEW_LOG_VIEW and the base table sys.mlog$ only (select owner, name from dba_dependencies where referenced_name = 'MLOG$' and type = 'VIEW'; will show you all the views that reference the base table, but not all have that column exposed). –  DazzaL Jan 22 '13 at 16:15

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