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            String loanamount = edtamount.getText().toString();
            double doubleloanamount = Double.parseDouble(loanamount);
            String strloanamount = Double.toString(doubleloanamount);

            Log.v("doubleloanamout", strloanamount);

            String years = edtyears.getText().toString();

            double doubleyears = Double.parseDouble(years) * 12;

            String strpaymentdoubleyears =   Double.toString(doubleyears);
            Log.v("doubleyears", strpaymentdoubleyears);

            double inrate = doubleloanamount * 11 / 100;
            double monthlyrate = inrate / 12;
            double roundmonthlyrate = Math.round(monthlyrate);
            String inratefordemo = Double.toString(roundmonthlyrate);

            double Payment = (doubleloanamount
                    * Math.pow(( roundmonthlyrate) + 1, (doubleyears)) *  roundmonthlyrate)
                    / (Math.pow( roundmonthlyrate + 1, (doubleyears)) - 1);

            double roundpayment = Math.round(Payment);
            String strpayment = Double.toString(roundpayment);
            Log.v("payment", strpayment);

i am using above code for calculating EMI but it shows 0 value.hay i used both int and double still its it gives me 0 for int 0.0 for double

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is doubleloanamount equal to zero? The issue could be related to the double/int cast you are performing or also to doubleloanamount value –  Blackbelt Jan 22 '13 at 12:02
I suspect Math.round(monthlyrate) is 0 unless you have over 50% interest per month which is exceedingly high. I suggest you step through your code with a debugger to see what each line of code does and the result you get. –  Peter Lawrey Jan 22 '13 at 12:49
hay i removed that Math.round() funtion still it shows 0 result –  Kirti Jan 22 '13 at 12:54

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Because you are type casting result into integer, may be it had a fraction part like 0.55 and due to type casting it has removed fraction part and giving only 0. Try changing Payment variable to double, also make sure doubleloanamount is not equal to 0.

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see my edited part i used double in place of int still it gives me 0.0 output –  Kirti Jan 22 '13 at 12:23

make intRate to float .... while calculation of payment intRate * X will give 0 if intRate itself is 0 . You have written intRate = x * 11/100 which if less than 1 will be 0.

Also make mnthRate to float

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