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According to the ActiveTcl 8.5 Documentation:
ttk::radiobutton widgets are used in groups to show or change a set of mutually-exclusive options. Radiobuttons are linked to a Tcl variable, and have an associated value; when a radiobutton is clicked, it sets the variable to its associated value.
And a more general definition:
You use radio buttons for mutually exclusive settings. Clicking on one causes any other that has been pressed to pop up, just like on an old car radio.

I really prefer to use the look and feel of buttons instead of radio buttons. How can I achieve the same behaviour of radiobuttons in a group of buttons?
I found on http://wiki.tcl.tk/17899 about toggle buttons, but these behaves more like checkbuttons.

Any insights really appreacited. Thank you

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I am wandering if I can use a label instead of button to act as a radiobutton. –  milarepa Jan 22 '13 at 13:26

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You can set the button's relief to maintain it's sunken-ness.

set colours {red blue green}
foreach c $colours {
    pack [button .$c -text $c -command [list pushed $c]]

proc pushed colour {
    puts $colour
    set label [.$colour cget -text]
    foreach c $::colours {
        .$c configure -relief [expr {$c eq $label ? "sunken" : "raised"}]
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Thank you, is working great. I managed to modify your script to be use with labels as well by adding the following line:bind .$c <ButtonPress-1> "pushed $c" –  milarepa Jan 22 '13 at 16:34

Set the radiobuttons' -indicatoron attribute to false.

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