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My ISP (1&1) informs me that the maximum number of MySQL connections I can have open at any one time is 18. My LAMP stack application uses SQL for almost every page but I close each connection after use. I know each connection will only be open for a few ms and that there are many variables here, but does anyone have a feel for how many users 18 connections will cater for? I want to preempt problems down the line when my number of users increases.

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This seems bizarre. I understand that there are IPS that throttle connections, but 18 seems arbitrarily low. The real performance hit MySQL is not the number of connections but the volume & complexity of the queries. So first recommendation would be to genuinely find another ISP. Barring that I would recommend disabling persistent connections on your MySQL queries. But still that seems like it would run against the 18 limit if/when a rush of activity happens. Genuinely, find another ISP or ask your current one to validly explain how anyone can work with such a limit.

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