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I'm trying to set a variable name in an unshift() call like so:

var new_index_name = priv.indices[i]["name"], // e.g. "container"
    new_index_array.unshift({new_index_name :[]});

But my new_index_array will now contain:

[ {new_index_name : []} ]

instead of

[ {"container" : []} ]

Is it possible to pass a variable name as the key value in a push/unshift call?

Thanks for help!

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I think you meant ; at the end of the first line of code –  Alex Jan 22 '13 at 12:57

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This has nothing to do with push or unshift

You can't use a variable as a property in an object literal (since you can use identifiers for property names, and variables are also represented by identifiers).

You have to construct the object, then add the data to it.

var new_index_name = priv.indices[i]["name"], // e.g. "container"
var ob = {};
    ob[new_index_name] = [];
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hm. That looks good! Thanks! –  frequent Jan 22 '13 at 12:55

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