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I'm injecting my dependencies into my classes fine, but I'm wondering if it's possible to get the class name I'm injecting into?

For example:

Bind<ISomething>.ToMethod(c => new Something([GIVE INJECTING *TO* CLASS NAME]));

So, if I had:

public class Blah{
  public Blah(ISomething something) { /**/ }

When injecting Ninject would in effect call:

new Blah(new Something("Blah"));

Can this be done?

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Yes, it can be done. You use the IContext you're given in the ToMethod method to get the name of the type you're being injected into like this:

Bind<ISomething>().ToMethod(c => new Something(GetParentTypeName(c)));

Which uses this little helper method (which could also be turned into a nice extension method):

private string GetParentTypeName(IContext context)
    return context.Request.ParentRequest.ParentRequest.Target.Member.DeclaringType.Name;
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