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I want to use search module in my header.tpl file . In that i used this code

{include file='./modules/blocksearch/blocksearch.tpl'}

But it's not working and by using this code my page gets blank.

Thanks in advance

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You cannot include a module template like this because the PHP code of te module is not called and the template needs it to set some Smarty variables.

The best you can do is to hook the blocksearch module to your header. Here we go :

  • Navigate to "admin > modules > positions"
  • Click on "Transplant a module" button
  • Select "Quick Search Block" for "Module"
  • Select ""Header of pages / displayHeader" for "Hook into"
  • Click "Save"

The "Quick Search module" is now hooked to your header.

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Here you will find what you are looking for

It is a great and easy way to call modules directly in template files, without the use of hooks. I tested it in both Prestashop 1.4 and 1.5 and it works.

For Prestashop 1.5, you will need to create 2 extra files in the "override" folder, as described in the link above:

  • Plugin.php in /override/classes/
  • FrontController.php in /override/classes/controller/

Then, you will be able to use in the template files the following code:

{plugin module='editorial' hook='displayHome'}

You need to use the hook's name (displayHome) and NOT the alias (home).

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