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I'm building a Wordpress blog that requires a custom slideshow system with an admin panel on each post admin page (sort of like how Yoast's SEO plugin has options on each page).

How would I make the admin options appear on the post admin page?



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You are not providing much detail about your project but you probably want to make some meta_boxes and save the data to as custom fields.

Here is a truncated example culled from something I put together for a question at wordpress.stackexchange. The details of some of the functions are not important for your question here but it illustrates the general 'how'. Follow the link for working but sincerely beta code.

// author checkboxes
add_action( 'add_meta_boxes', 'assisting_editor' );
function assisting_editor() {
        'assisting_editor', // id, used as the html id att
        __( 'Editorial Tasks' ), // meta box title
        'editor_tasks', // callback function, spits out the content
        'post', // post type or page. This adds to posts only
        'side', // context, where on the screen
        'low' // priority, where should this go in the context

// this is the callback that creates the meta box content
function editor_tasks( $post ) {
  // function details skipped; follow the link

// to save the data
add_action( 'save_post', 'save_metadata');
// callback for the save hook ^^
function save_metadata($postid) {
  // function details skipped; follow the link
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