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How to find files or elements which are not modified after a paticular version in ClearCase? Like I want to find all the elements which were not modified after version 1(no versions after version 1).

Or Can we find all the elements which are not modified after a particular date in ClearCase?

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As explained in "Find files in Clearcase view newer than a specific date?", you can find files newer (since then), not before.

That means you would need to:

  • find all files
  • find those with version post a certain date
  • deduce the resulting group of files by removing the second set from the first.

Regarding version, you can try and find all files without version 2, for instance:

cleartool find . -version 'version(.../bugs/2)' -print

But remember, a version can be deleted, and a file would still have a version 3, 4... so it is not a guarantee.

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