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I'm looking for feature, that's implemented on youtube.

For example client have 100mbit download speed.

  • Client pressed play
  • Streaming server started streaming video file
  • Client started to watch video
  • Player keeps caching the rest of the video file
  • After 1 minute client decided to close this video and chooses another video
  • But streaming server already sent 750mb to a client...

On youtube player pre-caching chunks of file on demand. It's checking if client is still watching the video and pre-load next chunk and so on.

So basically a player which requests file chunks on demand.

How this feature is called in streaming specifications?


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The HTML5 <video> element manages this for you - at any given moment it attempts to have enough in the buffer to play through to the end (though depending on the browser implementation with a progressive video it can be a little more agressive than maybe you want)

If you have a solution that supports HLS then it can be a little more granular, using byte-range requests to be very specific in what it retrieves and when though that is a long way from being a cross platform solution today (looking to the future MPEG-DASH should bring more of these capabilities)

Implementing your own byte range request based solution in HTML5 isn't going to be trivial, though Flash (or Silverlight) both have existing solutions if you need something more granular and conservative than the default <video> behavior

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