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I'm developing a website to be used from a DVD, so i cannot rely on http:// protocol . The html pages use jQuery and knockout.js and load data from json file using $.getJSON.

This runs fine on Firefox but i get a "origin null is not allowed by access-control-allow-origin" on Chrome... i've looked many SO answers on this but i cannot force the users to start Chrome using additional command line parameters or putting the site on http web server.

Is there a way to let Chrome open local files?

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I know this might be late, but I in the mist of a similiar problem. I have a solution for JSON (which I will share), but not for XML.

My solution was to use a javascript loader (ex: HeadJS) which does a great job for an application needing to run offline. I would create a file with .js in this manner.

var JSON = {
    Field1: "Text",
    Field2: "Text2"

Then I would use the loader. We actually allowed the user to choose which data they wanted and loaded that particular file.

Hope this help someone else.

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