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Can we compare Jenkins and Sonar ? If yes how. I want to know advantage/disadvantage of Jenkins and Sonar. Like why one should use Sonar and what advantage it has over Jenkins and vice versa?

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Hi Draco, thanks for your reply. Can you give me some limitations of Jenkins which you have faced any time. Or can you list some limitation of Jenkins you know. – Manvendra Bele Jan 22 '13 at 15:11
One more Question - Why Jenkins is Used and Why Sonar is Used ? – Manvendra Bele Jan 22 '13 at 15:40

Can we compare Jenkins and Sonar?


Jenkins is a tool to implement Continuous Integration. The quick summary of which is integrating, building and testing code every time a change is made.

Sonar is "a tool for managing code quality." It focuses on analyzing code.

BTW, as a note that they play different roles in development, there is a Jenkins Plugin for integrating with Sonar. See the discussion here: Why use sonar plugin for Jenkins rather than simply use maven goal "sonar:sonar"?

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