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I am trying to upload some text and image using ajax. I am using struts2 framework and simple java script. This uploading showing error how to resolve it.

In jsp page

    <s:form action="javascript:void(0)" onsubmit="javascript:postUserOwnMessages()"
<s:textarea rows="2" cols="40" name="message" id="message1">
<s:file name="user_post_image" id="user_post_image"/>
<s:select name="msg_visibility" id="msg_visibility" list="#{'public':'Public', 'friends':'Friends','me':'Me only'}" value="public"/>
<s:submit value="Post"/>

Function used at same page

<script type="text/javascript">
    function postUserOwnMessages()

        var xmlhttp;
        if (window.XMLHttpRequest)
            xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest();
        {// code for IE6, IE5
            xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
        if (typeof xmlhttp == "undefined")
            ContentDiv.innerHTML="<h1>XMLHttp cannot be created!</h1>";

            var message1=document.getElementById('message1').value;
            var  user_post_image=document.getElementById('user_post_image').value;

            var msg_visibility=document.getElementById('msg_visibility').value;
            var query='ownmessages?message='+message1+'&user_post_image='+user_post_image

                if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200)

at action

public class UserMessages extends ActionSupport {

private String userid;
   private String message;
private File user_post_image;
private String user_post_imagePath;
private String user_post_imageContentType;
private String msg_visibility;

public String insert() {

               + " " + getUser_post_image()
                + " " + getUser_post_imageContentType() + " " +      getUser_post_imagePath());

return SUCCESS;

Showing following error/warning

    WARNING: Error setting expression 'user_post_image' with value     '[Ljava.lang.String;@1395750'
    ognl.MethodFailedException: Method "setUser_post_image" failed for object     social.action.UserMessages@765e8c [java.lang.NoSuchMethodException:     social.action.UserMessages.setUser_post_image([Ljava.lang.String;)]
at ognl.OgnlRuntime.callAppropriateMethod(
at ognl.OgnlRuntime.setMethodValue(
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You can't upload files using ajax (by default), it is not supported for all browsers. – Luiggi Mendoza Jan 22 '13 at 15:08
@LuiggiMendoza Then how to perform this task. – xrcwrn Jan 22 '13 at 15:20
First handle a basic file upload using Struts 2. If you need the ajax functionality, you could try using a third party component that handles this work for you, like blueimp jQuery file upload. – Luiggi Mendoza Jan 22 '13 at 15:29
I have done the basic file uploading in struts2 – xrcwrn Jan 22 '13 at 17:16
What's the problem with uploading? – Roman C Jan 22 '13 at 17:22

2 Answers 2

This might be helpfull:

Its a complete code for image upload

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Yes this is good tutorial this is working properly. but I want to upload using ajax – xrcwrn Jan 29 '13 at 8:47
Where You want to upload your image...??? saving it in DB or in some folder on server...??? – vicky Jan 29 '13 at 8:52
path will store in server and image will store in server image directory – xrcwrn Jan 29 '13 at 8:53
I want to similar like facebook post(posting string and image without refreshing page) – xrcwrn Jan 29 '13 at 8:54
i have done the code, but only for file upload. which contains image uploading also. its using jquery ajax – vicky Jan 29 '13 at 10:51

Here is the running code: First you have to create action method in your class which should extends ActionSupport Here is the method for .java class

public String myTest(){
        String filePath = "C:/Documents and Settings/Eeager/Desktop/UploadeFile";
        File fileToCreate = new File(filePath, this.fileUploadFileName);
        try {
            FileUtils.copyFile(this.fileUpload, fileToCreate);              
        } catch (IOException e) {
            return "ERROR"; 
    return "SUCCESS";

Here is the struts.xml configuration:

<action name="upload" method="myTest" class="(Your action class, where method is..)">
    <result name="SUCCESS">/result.jsp</result>

Here is the index.jsp page from which the request has to be generated:

<%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="sj" uri="/struts-jquery-tags"%>
<s:head />

<script type="text/javascript">
        $.subscribe('showImage', function(event,data) {
        }$.subscribe('complete', function(event,data) {

 <div id="image" style="display:none;min-height: 300px;min-width: 300px">
    <img alt="loading..." height="300px" width="300px" src="pic/loading.gif">
<s:form action="upload" enctype="multipart/form-data">

<s:file name="fileUpload" label="Select a File to upload" size="40" />

<sj:submit value="submit" name="submit" targets="test" onBeforeTopics="showImage" onCompleteTopics="complete" />


 <div id="test"></div>


Now result.jsp


<h1>Image has loaded</h1>


NOTE: 1- There is no extra/more class or jsp u have to build. 2- For enabling ajax with struts2 you have to install plugin Struts2-jquery plugin

You can download its jar file here:

run it with:

http://localhost:8080/(project Name)/index.jsp

When you run it after all, You can see the uploaded images/files on your tesktop folder "UploadedFiles"(no matters if it exist or not, if not, it will be created automatically)

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