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I am using the jQuery-Tags-Input plugin : Github page / Demo.

You can notice with the demo that when you press enter as well as ,, the current tag is submitted. I would like the same when you press ;. By default, when you press ;, it is considered part of the tag.

I could not find this in the options. Is there another way than tweaking the code directly ? Has someone done it already ?

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It's the delimiter parameter, but it looks like you can only pass it one character, not an array.

You could always just hard code it into line 294. Change this:

if (event.which==event.data.delimiter.charCodeAt(0) || event.which==13 )

To this:

if (event.which==event.data.delimiter.charCodeAt(0) || event.which==59 || event.which==13 )

Working demo: http://jsfiddle.net/kbwqr/

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