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The logic is a little bit complicated, so i'll give an example here: Imagine we have three fields in a table, namely A, B, C. the following xml mapper will fill in the property in an instance of Blog class:

<resultMap type="Blog"  id="result">
<result property="A" column="A"/>
<result property="B" column="B"/>
<result property="C" column="C"/>

the problem is, if I got a class User, which includes three properties, namely A, B and D. How can I use the former resultMap to fill in the A, B properties in a instance of class User. That means I wanna fill in all the properties which the above resultMap can map to. How to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!

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You can try something like that:

<select id="selectUsers" parameterType="int" resultType="com.someapp.model.User">
    select id             as A, 
           username       as B,   
           hashedPassword as D
    from some_table
    where id = #{id}

MyBatis automatically create a ResultMap to map the columns to the JavaBean properties based on name. If the column names did not match exactly, you could employ select clause aliases on the column names to make the labels match.

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