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i am using icefaces version 3.0.0 and i am using ace dataTable component as follows:

1- Jsf Code:

<ace:dataTable id="cityTable"
                              style="width: 950px;">

                         <ace:column id="country" headerText="Country" sortBy="#{city.countryName}"
                                    filterBy="#{city.countryName}" filterMatchMode="contains">
                            <h:outputText id="countryNameCell" value="#{city.countryName}"/>

                        <ace:column id="action" headerText="Actions">
                       <sec:authorize access="hasRole('perm_edit_city')">                       
                            <pretty:link mappingId="editcity">
                                <f:param value="#{city.id}" />
                                <h:graphicImage url="/resources/images/edit.png" style="border: 0px;"></h:graphicImage>
                            <sec:authorize access="hasRole('perm_delete_city')">
                                <h:commandButton id="deleteR" image="/resources/images/delete.png"
                                     onclick="var r=confirm('Are you sure you want to delete #{city.name} ?');if (r==true){}else{return false; }"


2- Backing bean code:

public class WeatherBean {

private List<City> cities;

private CityService cityService;

    public void init() {
            cities = cityService.getAllCity();

    public void deleteCity(Long cityId) {
        log.debug("Delete deleteCity : " + cityId);



  • datatable by default displays cities from id 1 to id 20.
  • if i make search by name, and search returned results with id 100 to id 120 for example, and i try to invoke the delete method on any of the search results, the delete method is invoked on the old ids >> action="#{weatherBean.deleteCity(city.id)}" the city.id is not updated after search.

please advise, thanks.

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This problem solved in icefaces 3.2.0

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