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How can I have my Perl script detect it's running on a 64-bit Windows machine, even if it's a 32-bit perl?

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See this question. You check the %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% environment variable.

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Thanks Ben S.

From the link in the question you linked to: msdn blog on how to dectect process bitness

Yielded the following code: print "WIN64?: $ENV{PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE} \n"; print "WIN64?: $ENV{PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432} \n";

And the following output (32 bit perl on xp64)

WIN64?: x86

WIN64?: AMD64

Seems if you're running a 32bit app on 64 bit win, you'll need to reference PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432.

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    ($ENV{'PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432'} eq "AMD64")) {
   $arch = "win64";
} else {
   $arch = "win32";

Reference: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/david.wang/archive/2006/03/26/howto-detect-process-bitness.aspx

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Another method, although a bit more involved, would be to check the Windows API function IsWow64Process. An example of how to do this (in Delphi) is given in the answer to this question.

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    my @CPUIdentifierArray = split ' ', $ENV{PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER};
    my %ArcHash        = ('x86' => 32, 'AMD64' => 64, 'Intel64' => 64);
    my $Arch           = $ArcHash{$CPUIdentifierArray[0]};

It returns 32 or 64

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