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I am working on a webshop for school.I'm trying to make an jquery/ajax cart system.

Now this is my jquery.load(); code


This is the cart.php file:


if($_GET['command'] == 'addToCart'){
    /********* START SESSION *********/

    if($_GET['productID'] == "" || $_GET['amount'] < 1 || $_GET['size'] == "" || $_GET['product_name'] == "") return;



            if($_GET['productID'] == $_SESSION['cart'][$i]['productid']){
                if($_GET['size'] == $_SESSION['cart'][$i]['size'] ){
                    $product_exists = 1;

        if($product_exists != 1){
            $_SESSION['cart'][$max]['productid'] = $_GET['productID'];
            $_SESSION['cart'][$max]['product_name'] = $_GET['product_name'];
            $_SESSION['cart'][$max]['amount'] = $_GET['amount'];
            $_SESSION['cart'][$max]['size'] = $_GET['size'];


        $_SESSION['cart'][0]['productid'] = $_GET['productID'];
        $_SESSION['cart'][0]['product_name'] = $_GET['product_name'];
        $_SESSION['cart'][0]['amount'] = $_GET['amount'];
        $_SESSION['cart'][0]['size'] = $_GET['size'];


$cart = <<<EOD
<div class="cart_page">
    <div class="cart_product_line">

            $arrayID = $i;
            $cart_productID = $_SESSION['cart'][$i]['productid'];
            $cart_productName = $_SESSION['cart'][$i]['product_name'];
            $cart_amount = $_SESSION['cart'][$i]['amount'];
            $cart_size = $_SESSION['cart'][$i]['size'];

$cart.= <<<EOD
            <li id="$cart_productID">$cart_productName</li>
            <li class="amount">$cart_amount</li>
            <li class="size">$cart_size</li>

$cart.= <<<EOD
echo $cart;


Now it does everything i want it to. But the result it gives in 'echo $cart.php' doesn 't get displayed in my index.php

can you guys help me out please?


if i go to:


It gives this back


in HTML so the script works and gives html back! I'm doing the same with loading products and there it works like a charm.

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Dainis, it doesn't need to. It will put the response into the #cart_page element according to jQuery docs: – Dean Jan 22 '13 at 14:32
@DainisAbols Can you explain what you mean? if no response is specified it should give the whole page back it generates right? This is the way i load my products into index.php and this works like a charm. $("#cart_page").load("products.php?id="+productID+""); – Jeffrey Bouva Jan 22 '13 at 14:33
Try using something like: $("#cart_page").load("cart.php?blahblahblah", function (responseText, textStatus, req) { if (textStatus == "error") { alert("fail"); } else { alert("success"); } }); and see what alerts, if anything. – Ian Jan 22 '13 at 14:38
@Ian I've done what you said. //LOAD PHP FUNCTION TO ADD TO CART $("#cart_page").load("cart.php?command=addToCart&productID="+productID+"&size‌​="+size+"&amount="+amount+"&product_name="+product_name+"", function () { alert("success"); }).error(function () { alert("error"); }); and got 'Succes' back send at me in a pop-up box. so errors on loading the script. Is it possible that you can only load one page ? i can't seem to find the error here – Jeffrey Bouva Jan 22 '13 at 14:43
@JeffreyBouva Sorry, I edited my comment like a minute after I submitted it. I realized the methods for determining if it was success/error was different. I was thinking of how $.get/$.post is used. Try what my comment says now – Ian Jan 22 '13 at 14:46

Assuming that everything you have said is true then there are several things that might go wrong here (in order of likelyhood):

  1. Is the AJAX call being made to another domain? If so this won't work unless you output some special headers.
  2. jQuery.load will fail if the element you are targetting does not exist. So double check that you have the #cart_page element on your page.
  3. The AJAX page is not returning the correct HTTP response code. This will be visible in your console. But you can get more information by expanding your code to:

    $("#cart_page").load("cart.php?command=addToCart&productID="+productID+"&size="+size+"&amount="+amount+"&product_name="+product_name+"", function(response, status, xhr) { if (status == "error") { console.log("Error code :" + xhr.status); // error code console.log ("Error text :" + xhr.statusText); // error text } });

  4. Some other JS errors. As we cannot see all of your code this is hard to see. Check the console for any errors and add them to your first post.

(Sorry for the formatting of the code in point 3. I've no idea how to embed code in a list using this syntax. An indent doesn't work)

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Heey Dean, Thanks for the answer 1. It's on the same domain. No cross-domain request. 2. Thanks for the heads up. I have tested with $("#cart_page").load("products.php?id="+productID+""); And this will load all the products into the div cart_page 3. console is totaly empty, no error or so. – Jeffrey Bouva Jan 22 '13 at 14:39
Go to the "Network" tab in Web Inspector (in Chrome) and debug the actual HTTP request. Do you see anything in the "Response"? i.e. you should see the same output as if you went to it directly. – Dean Jan 22 '13 at 14:40
@Dead really good idea of the Network tab! in preview i see the same output as the cart.php directly gives me so i think i can assume that the header are send correctly – Jeffrey Bouva Jan 22 '13 at 14:51
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So So Stupid..

The $product_name that i generated was from a Database. This name had an " " space in it. What this did was it gave the success of loading the script but because it had a " " space in the URL jqeury sees it as a incorrect URL and doesn't embed the script into the page. What i find strange is that it didn't give me any error back!?

Thank you guys so much for helping me out!

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urlencode the values that you pull from the database in future ;-) – Dean Jan 22 '13 at 18:22
@Dean Yeah men! you are totally right! – Jeffrey Bouva Jan 22 '13 at 18:24

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