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i need simple Nginx rewrite rule to rewrite




This one doesn't work...

rewrite  ^/condition/(.*)/([0-9])$ /?condition1=$1&condition2=$2  last;

Also tried:

rewrite  ^/condition/(.*)/(.*)$ /?condition1=$1&condition2=$2  last;

However condition with 1 variable working good

rewrite  ^/condition/(.*)$ /?condition1=$1  last;
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The rewrites you tried attempt to do kind of the opposite of what you've asked. Could you disambiguate and clarify your question? – myanimal Jan 22 '13 at 15:39

You can use something like this or exactly this:

rewrite ^/\?condition1=([^&]*)&condition2=([^&]*) /$1/$2 last;

First rule in rewrite means what pattern your url must pass to be rewrited to secondrewrite rule. Next in second rule you can use parameter as $1 and $2 which correspondents to group in first rule (group is delimited by ( and ))

If doing in other way, because your suggestion what you want to do are a little different from your rewrite rules, do something like this:

rewrite /(.*)/(.*) /?condition1=$1&condition2=$2 last;
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